Serie PE

Standard Precision Inline Planetary Gearboxes
The standard precision PE-series inline planetary gearheads are available in 40-155mm frame sizes and offer high torque, low backlash, high input speeds and a small package size with an excellent price/performance ratio.



The PE-series planetary gearbox is the perfect economy gearbox for all applications where standard backlash is suitable.

• Frame Sizes: 40 – 155mm
• Ratio Options: 3:1 – 512:1 (depending on size)
• Backlash: to < 7 arc-minutes
• Efficiency: up to 97%
• Quiet Operation: less than 70db
• High Input Speeds: up to 18 000 RPM
• High output torques
• High quality (ISO 9001)
• Any fitting position possible
• Simple motor fitting
• Life time lubrication
• Direction of rotation equidirectional